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“Home by Now”
Songs of a Journey in Grief and Love
Bill Gordh

Music by Bill Gordh and Friends
Artwork by Jenny Lewis
Jenny Songs

Recent News

March 13: Very Young Composers at David Geffen Hall. Jon Deak, founder of the Very Young Composers (VYC), and Bill Gordh, his co-producer and co-narrator will host another musical session featuring the works of 3 Very Young Composers in the Sidewalk Studio just before the Young Peoples Concert. On Jan 28, they presented 4 VYC summer commissions with a string quartet followed by an audience created composition about a flood threatening Instrument Village. This time following a VYC fanfare, 2 VYCers, M and Adam will present new works for a quartet of Flute, Trumpet, Bass and Percussion. Instead of standard notation, for the first time each composer created a graphic score to be explored by the players. The program will be repeated and each closes with a narrative score that the audience contributes their own ideas that will be interpreted by the musicians.

Oct 30: Lincoln Center/David Geffen Hall Open House. Bill Presented a storytelling workshop at the Lincoln Center All Day Open House on Oct 30th. In his workshop the children and family attendees helped build a musical story about 3 instrument friends Banjo, Flute and Percussion. Bill played his banjo and led the story-making and composing with the help of two marvelous New York Philharmonic teaching artists, Anna Urey (Flute) and Justin Hines (Percussion). The young people in the audience guided the adventure across the river, to the North Pole, through a rainforest and into a Haunted House. It was quite a musicalized adventure.

Nov 9 - 11. NAES Biennial Conference. San Antonio. Bill will be offering 2 workshops as well as holding a Meet-and Greet at the booth of the publisher of his latest book, "Making Room for Everyone". His workshops at this year's NAES Biennial Conference include a storytelling approach to Children's Chapels and using folktales from around the world to explore fairness and justice. Bill has presented workshops at every biennial since 2000.

Oct 1: Storytelling with Kardemimmit! The World Music Institute and Scandinavia House invite you to a live recording for the WMI Folktale Podcasts. Bill is the storytelling host for the series, which pairs Bill's telling of a traditional folktale from the culture of the guest musician. The guest musician accompanies the story. For the Oct 1 event, WMI and Scandinavia House have teamed up to present a live performance of Bill and the Finnish quartet Kardemimmit. Kardemimmit consists of 4 musician/vocalists from Finland. They play the kantele and the story Bill will tell for the concert is "The Enchanted Kantele". Prior to the introduction to the 4 artists, Bill will open the program with a couple other Finnish folktales. The concert is at Scandinavia House at 58 Park Ave (Between 37th and 38th) in New York City. It will be at 4:00 and is FREE. Kardemimmit will be offering a full concert at 7:00 PM on the same day at Scandinavia House.

July 23: Storytelling at Sugar Hill Children's Museum On Saturday at 11:00 AM and again at 1:00 PM, Bill will present a program of "Animal Tales of Animal Tails' and other stories. Of course with banjo in hand, it should be an exciting time for the family. Here's more info on the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling. Hope to see you!



April 8: Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling. Bill returns to the museum for a storytelling program of Animal Folktales from Around the World. As always he will be playing his banjo as he takes you on a story adventure. Tales with foxes and rabbits and wolves and Spider and Coyote and perhaps a Bunyip as well. Scandinavian, West African, North and South American, Asian and Australian stops included. Should be fun. First show at 11:00. More or less repeated at 1:00.


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