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“Home by Now”
Songs of a Journey in Grief and Love
Bill Gordh

Music by Bill Gordh and Friends
Artwork by Jenny Lewis
Jenny Songs

Recent News

July 25: Storytelling on-line For Hans Christian Andersen Program. Bill will join 2 other wonderful storytellers to share stories on another all-Andersen stories program. Due to Covid, the storytelling will be on-line instead of in Central Park. Every Saturday from 11:00 - Noon from June through September there will be storytelling programs as there have been for more than 50 years. The Hans Christian Storytelling Center is the host. World-renowned teller Laura Simms has gathered another remarkable group of tellers for the summer. This Saturday, July 25th, the tellers will be Noah Baum, Randel McGee and Bill Gordh in an all Andersen Program. You can access on Facebook or Youtube FREE

NOW: Tons of Tales on Bill Gordh YouTube Channel. Bill has been at work in the studio during the pandemic recording videos of many of his vast repertoire of folktales from around the world and uploading them to his YouTube Channel. Telling tales accompanied by banjo from every continent, some stories are short as a few minutes and some of the stories run over 25. There are funny stories, scary stories, quest tales, cumulative tales, circle stories, tales of justice, stories of love and compassion, tales of peace and trust. They are non-violent. They have provided many children and their families some great tales to listen to while not at school and they are told with the same energy and care that in-classroom and concert attendees have come to cherish. There are presently about 100 Stories on the channel with more to come. Subscribe. It's FREE! Stay Safe!!

March 3: "Home by Now" Concert at B'Nai Jeshurun, NYC. Mourning Through Creativity: A Zayin Adar Presentation will bring artist/writer Nancy Patz and storyteller/songwriter Bill Gordh together to discuss their journeys with grief and art. The discussion will be followed by a concert of Bill's new album "Home by Now: Songs of a Journey in Grief and Love". The album, now available on Spotify, I-Tunes, Apple Music etc. contains 16 original songs Bill composed on his banjo and then recorded with a batch of wonderful musicians. The concert at BJ will feature a number of those musicians including producer/arranger George Wurzbach (Keyboards) , Cliff Hahn (Guitar), Christopher Minarich (Violin), Rachel DiSalvo (Harmony Vocals), Janelle Bradley (Harmony Vocals) as well as special guest Mike Witman (Percussion). A website has been created that presents movies of each of the songs coupled with images of Jenny Lewis artwork. The event will be Tuesday, March 3 in the sanctuary of B'nai Jeshurun at 257 West 88th Street in NYC. It begins ay 7:00 and will be about 2 hours. FREE. You may register here.

Feb. 1: "Home by Now" concert in Greensboro. Bill brings his program of songs and reflections "Home by Now: Songs of a Journey in Grief and Love" to Sylvan Pathways in Greensboro, NC on Feb. 1. Accompanying Bill who will sing and play banjo are several of the musicians who play on the album of "Home by Now" that was recorded in the summer of 2019 in New York City. They are Rudy Gordh (Guitar), Frank Albert (Viola) and producer George Wurzbach (Keyboards). A website has been created to feature these songs and artwork by Jennifer Lewis -

Nov. 16: Home by Now: Songs of a Journey in Grief and Love. The Jenny Songs Concert. Over the summer, I recorded songs I have written since my wife's passing in September, 2018. A group of wonderful musicians (including Rudy Gordh (Guitar), Frank Albert (Viola) and Nat Zilkha (Dobro)) brought their instrumental gifts to the tunes and the result is a 16 song album. We will be performing the entire album in concert at Subculture on Saturday, Nov. 16 at 2:00 PM. Joining me (Vocals and Banjo) will be some of the musicians who play on the recording. They are producer/arranger George Wurzbach (Keyboards), Jon Deak (Bass), Cliff Hahn (Guitar), Justin Hines (Percussion) and Christopher Minarich (Fiddle). The harmony vocalists are Rachel Gordh, Rachel DiSalvo and Janelle Bradley. Subculture is at 45 Bleecker Street, NYC, just East of Lafayette. The concert is free. Reservations:



August 10: Lunch with the Rabbi. Monday, August 10:Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal and High Holy Day Storyteller Bill Gordh discuss Gordh's new book "Making Room for Everyone" The book contains Bill's tellings of 35 folktales from around the world compiled thematically concerning self, the value of all living things, faith, hope, family and friends to be used to create more inclusive gatherings. It's at Noon and can be accessed on Facebook or on Twitter. .


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