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“Home by Now”
Songs of a Journey in Grief and Love
Bill Gordh

Music by Bill Gordh and Friends
Artwork by Jenny Lewis
Jenny Songs

Recent News

July 23: Storytelling at Sugar Hill Children's Museum On Saturday at 11:00 AM and again at 1:00 PM, Bill will present a program of "Animal Tales of Animal Tails' and other stories. Of course with banjo in hand, it should be an exciting time for the family. Here's more info on the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling. Hope to see you!

June 15: WMI Folktale Podcast with Colombian Harpist Edmar Castaneda. The World Music Institute Folktales Podcasts with storyteller host Bill Gordh continue with the launch of "Two Girls", a South American folktale retold by Bill accompanied by master Columbian harpist Edmar Castaneda. The collaboration is a dynamic realization of this exciting story. It continues the vibrant spirit of the previous podcasts - "Night Comes to the Rainforest" with Award Winning Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista, "Red Rory and the Fairies", an Irish tale accompanied by Seamus Egan and the Indian tale "Grandmother Rabbit and the Elephant King" with veena player Saraswathi Ranganathan.

June 25: Family Midsummer Celebration at Scandinavia House On Saturday June 25th, come for music, stories and crafts at Scandinavia House for a Midsummer Family Celebration. Finnish Singer/songwriter Ida Metsberg will share some songs and Bill will tell a couple of Scandinavian folktales accompanied by his banjo (of course) and one tale with a kantele. There will also be arts activities for the family. It begins at 11:00. Tix available. Scandinavia House is at 58 Park Ave between 37th and 38th.

April 9: Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling. Bill has created a program as part of the museum's celebration of the work of artist Faith Ringgold. Entitled Here We Are in Harlem: The Faith Ringgold Storytelling Project, Bill with his banjo will present stories and songs. These are inspired by two of the artist's children's books, The Three Witches, a folktale collected by Zora Neale Hurston and retold by Joyce Carol Thomas with illustrations by Ringgold and We Came to America. Bill will retell the witch story as well as a Brer Rabbit tale Hurston also collected. This leads to other Southern African-American Brer Rabbit folktales and include some songs with lyrics by Langston Hughes. Bill will also tell a Swedish folktale from his own heritage honoring Ringgold's theme of how all of us came to America with special things to share. The program will be presented twice at the museum on Saturday, April 9 at 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. All welcome. Here is MORE INFO!

March 15: WMI Folktales Podcast launches! Bill is the host of the new podcast produced and presented by the World Music Institute "Folktales Set to Music from Around the World". Bill is working with a range of top world musicians, in which he tells a folktale from the culture of the special guest artist. Families will enjoy hearing favorite instruments and musicians as well as being introduced to new ones. Each folktale has been selected specifically for the musician and instrument that will accompany the tale. The first which is now available is an Irish folktale called "Red Rory and the Fairies". Bill tells the tale accompanied by renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist Seamus Egan. He plays the whistle. The story is an exciting one. A new story will be podcast each month on the 15th. Upcoming programs include an Indian follktale accompanied by Saraswathi Ranganathan on Veena and a rainforest story with Bill on Banjo and the multi-award winning Brazilian percussionist, Cyro Baptista. Tune in!



Oct 1: Storytelling with Kardemimmit! The World Music Institute and Scandinavia House invite you to a live recording for the WMI Folktale Podcasts. Bill is the storytelling host for the series, which pairs Bill's telling of a traditional folktale from the culture of the guest musician. The guest musician accompanies the story. For the Oct 1 event, WMI and Scandinavia House have teamed up to present a live performance of Bill and the Finnish quartet Kardemimmit. Kardemimmit consists of 4 musician/vocalists from Finland. They play the kantele and the story Bill will tell for the concert is "The Enchanted Kantele". Prior to the introduction to the 4 artists, Bill will open the program with a couple other Finnish folktales. The concert is at Scandinavia House at 58 Park Ave (Between 37th and 38th) in New York City. It will be at 4:00 and is FREE. Kardemimmit will be offering a full concert at 7:00 PM on the same day at Scandinavia House.


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