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“Home by Now”
Songs of a Journey in Grief and Love
Bill Gordh

Music by Bill Gordh and Friends
Artwork by Jenny Lewis
Jenny Songs

Recent News

Bill Gordh YouTube Channel: Now over 200 tales! Bill has been busy during this time of isolation using the time to record quite a few of the many, many stories he knows and putting them up on his YouTube Channel. He has recorded more than 190 stories since early March 2019 and with the others already available puts it over 200 folktales. They are from around the world and all accompanied by banjo or some other instrument. There are short funny stories, long quest adventures, Bible stories, Why Tales, Tall tales, Jewish and Buddhist stories. Often Bill has added little song refrains to make them more fun for young listeners. On the channel there are all the stories compiled as well as ones on playlists that offer the stories that are presented in his books. There is also a Scandinavian playlist as Scandinavia House has been using some on occasion for their family newsletters. Luckily, there is still a big pile of stories that have yet to be recorded. Enjoy! and If you like them, let me know!!

Nov 8: Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling Concert. Bill will present a program of folktales from around the world on Sunday. Nov 8 at 1:00 PM as a guest of The Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling. With banjo in hand Bill will share stories from West Africa, Japan, Myanmar, America and more.. in a virtual concert. For more info and to REGISTER.

Nov 5 - 6: National Association of Episcopal Schools' Biennial Conference. Bill was a featured speaker at the NAES Biennial in San Francisco in 2000. He has presented at every Biennial since. This year's was to be in San Diego but has been converted into a virtual event. Bill will present a workshop celebrating his new book Making Room for Everyone: More Stories for Building a Children's Chapel. There are many other exciting workshops and speakers. The NAES 2020 Biennial.

August 25: Making Room for Everyone is here!

Making Room for Everyone

Bill's new book, Making Room for Everyone, is now available everywhere. Support your local bookstore!

August 10: Lunch with the Rabbi. Monday, August 10:Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal and High Holy Day Storyteller Bill Gordh discuss Gordh's new book "Making Room for Everyone" The book contains Bill's tellings of 35 folktales from around the world compiled thematically concerning self, the value of all living things, faith, hope, family and friends to be used to create more inclusive gatherings. It's at Noon and can be accessed on Facebook or on Twitter. .



Jan 31: Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling CONCERT! Bill returns to Sugar Hill for another virtual storytelling concert of folktales from around the world. This time enjoy tales from the Inuit, Mexico, West Africa, Japan and Brazil. Of course Bill will accompany his stories with banjo. Sunday, Jan. 31. 1:00 - 1:45 PM. It's free. You can register online on the museum site. It's Free.


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