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INSTRUMENT VILLAGE with composer Jon Deak

In the Land of Sound, you will find a town where all the instruments of the orchestra live. It is called Instrument Village. The instruments do everything with their music, from weaving tapestries to playing volleyball. The narration guides the listeners to all the wondrous things these instruments can do in fantastic adventures. Originally, the pieces were written by Bill and composed by Jon. Now Very Young Composers are creating the Instrument Village pieces with Bill and Jon as their mentors.

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INSTRUMENT VILLAGE with composer Jon Deak

As part of Bill's ongoing work with composer/NY Philharmonic Bassist Jon Deak, Jeremiah Johnston and Ben West composed pieces based on Coyote Tales suggested and retold by Bill. They were played by Yo-Yo Ma and Eugenia Zuckerman with percussionist Mark Trevino at Gerald Ford Amphitheatre in Vail, CO June 26, 2010 as part of the Imagination Celebration: Adventures in the Arts.

Photo: Brian Maloney Photography

Brer Rabbit Tales with composer Victoria Bond

The first in a series of folktale collaborations with composer Victoria Bond is Brer Rabbit at the Wolves Party.  It premiered in April, 2011 in the Kidzone, a part of the Young Peoples Concert at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center. It was also performed at the Tribeca Film Festival Family Day. Performers: Bill Gordh (Narrator and Brer Rabbit; Banjo), Jon Deak (Sister Wolf - Bass), David Wallace (Nephie Wolf - Violin).


    Live from Bellevue, TN – Available soon
    From Home – Available soon

Other Works:

    The Quiet Boy and the Zambra with Carter Brey
  • Based on an Hawaiian folktale, this piece for narrator and solo cello tells the story of a silent boy who learns to play music created (and premiered) with principal cellist of the New York Philharmonic Carter Brey.
    Lazy Jack and the Sad Princess or The Ballad of the Knock-Knock Jokester with George Wurzbach
  • A piece for narrator and chorus combining elements from folklore and jokelore.
    The Tricky Turtle with percussionist/composer Justin Hines
  • A Brazilian Tale with percussion
    The Sounds of the Earth with percussionist/composer Justin Hines
  • A work-in-progress for narrator and percussion about a musician sent out to discover and recreate the sounds he hears on his travels - from birds singing to volcanoes erupting; from trickling streams to thunderstorms.
    Dozens of stories accompanied live with banjo and/or with one or an ensemble of musicians



Bill has written dozens of songs - stand-alone songs as well as ones written specifically to be sung within stories. He has co-written songs with Clay Mills, Red Lane, George Wurzbach, Billy Smith, Christopher Minarich and many others. Publishers of his songs and music include Polygram, Carl Fischer, Wrensong, Major Bob, Lingonberry and Coraje Music.


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