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Nov 17. Very Young Composers at Lincoln Center. On Saturday, Nov. 17 Founder/Producer Jon Deak and Co-producer Bill Gordh will present the opening round of the Very Young Composer (VYC) Showcases that precede the New York Philharmonic's Young Peoples Concert at David Geffen Hall. The showcase presents new work by 3 very young composers inspired by the theme of the YPC. Instruments A'Spinnin': A Dizzying Adventure with the Very Young Composers features pieces by Allesandra Gallo, Alexi Pravich and Mack Scocca-Ho. The pieces will be played by a 5-piece ensemble including members of the NY Philharmonic and include Anna Urrey on flute, Pascual Martinez on clarinet, Howard Wall on French horn, Peter Kenote on Viola and Alexei Gonzales on Cello. The performance begins at 1:00 PM preceding the 2:00 YPC and is included as part of that admission.

July 8: Family Concert in the Rockies. Bill returns to Colorado for his annual residency with the Gore Range Montessori School and family concert. The concert is open to the public and will take place on Sunday morning, July 8 at 11:00 AM. Bill will perform at The Backyard at Riverwalk in Edwards, CO. The event is FREE and the hour long program will include stories and songs accompanied by banjo, of course.

June 24: Colors of Kindness. On Sunday morning, June 24 at 10:30 AM Bill will lead a family service he designed especially for Union Chapel in the Grove on Shelter Island. This will mark his third annual family service. The first focused on Hope inspired by the stain glass windows in the church. Last summer the service was entitled "The Wisdom of the Heart". This year will focus on the power of kindness and how colors can support its expression. These services bring together the telling of world folk tales and Bible stories, the singing of songs and a variety of readings including poetry, proverbs from around the world and passages from the Bible with the notion that all of these can help us come to a clearer understanding of the theme. Each year Bill composes a new song specifically for the service. The service is open to the public.

June 9: Storytelling at Andersen Statue, Central Park! Celebrating 62 years of storytelling at the Hans Christian Andersen Statue, programs will occur every Saturday morning from 11:00 AM until noon all summer and will feature a wide range of dynamic storytellers. Bill will tell tales on Saturday, June 9 accompanying himself on banjo with a program that includes the Swedish folktale "The Tale of Salt on a Magpie's Tail". Other Scandinavian tales will fill out the program that will be introduced by Mia Shelton who will tell "Little Red Riding Hood". The concert takes place at the statue in Central Park at 11:00 AM and can be reached by entering Central Park at 72nd Street and 5th Avenue. It is a FREE event.

April 7: Banjo and Poetry. Bill will open Wild Concerns, a book party and reading, with some original and traditional songs accompanied by Mike Lawrence. Then the poets, Karen Neuberg and Katrinka Moore will each read from their new collections. Karen will read from the elephants are asking and Katrinka from her new volume Wayfarers. Bill accompanies the final poem on his mountain fretless banjo. The event is at 3:00 PM on Saturday, April 7th at Poets House, 10 River Terrace, Battery Park, NYC. Free.

Feb 3. Very Young Composers Showcase at David Geffen Hall. VYC founder Jon Deak and co-producer/narrator Bill Gordh will present works by 3 Very Young Composers (VYC) created especially for the showcase that precedes the 2:00 PM New York Philharmonic Young Peoples Concert (YPC). The YPC entitled "An African-American Lineage" will include traditional, Ellington and new music from the Very Young Composers' program. The VYC Showcase will present 3 new works inspired by this theme. The composers are Eliza Gifford-Powell, Kyler Simon and Lieff Kapilian and the 5 piece ensemble performing the works include members of the New York Philharmonic. The showcase begins at 1:10 PM and is free for those with YPC tickets. The showcase takes place in David Geffen Hall.

January 20, 2018: Storytelling at Scandinavia House. Bill returns to Scandinavia House for his annual family concert on the Morning of Saturday, Jan 20. The program entitled The Living Harp and other Scandinavia Folk Tales includes tales from Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. As always Bill will accompany himself on Banjo - except for the two tales from Finland. For The Raspberry Worm, he will play the kantele, a 5 string instrument that is native to and was made in Finland. For The Living Harp, Bill will be accompanied on cello by special guest, Wendy Law. This is their first collaboration! Scandinavia House is located at 58 Park Avenue (Between 37th and 38th Streets), NYC. The concert is one hour long and begins at 11:00. FREE.

Jan 6, 2018: Very Young Composer Showcase at Lincoln Center. Founder Jon Deak and co-producer Bill Gordh host 3 Very Young Composers who have composed new works in a program entitled New York Echoes. They will have their premiers at David Geffen Hall on Saturday at 1:00 PM. This showcase will precede the 2:00 PM New York Philharmonic's Young Peoples Concert (YPC). The composers, Aaron Tyutyunik (12), Roma McHugh (11) and Elizabeth Harris (11) have each selected a piece by a favorite composer and used it as inspiration for a new work. These new pieces will be played by an ensemble of 5 musicians including members of the New York Philharmonic. The compositions were written for clarinet, oboe, cello, viola/violin and percussion. A fanfare Fanfaria Para NY was written especially for the showcase by VYC graduate from Venezuela, David Loyo Blanco. The showcase is free for holders of tix for the YPC.

Dec. 17: Live Storytelling on Audible's Story Party. Audible has just launched a new program of live storytelling for families call STORY PARTY. Each party is themed and features storytellers across the country recorded live and brought together for this special project. Each party is 35 - 45 minutes long and features 4 or 5 storytellers. Bill has a story on three of the eleven "parties". His stories were recorded live last summer at his annual family concert in Edwards, Colorado sponsored by Gore Range Montessori. More than 50 folktales recorded by Bill with his banjo can be found on Audible.

Nov. 11: Very Young Composers and Bernstein. On Saturday at 1:10, four Very Young Composers (VYC) will premier 3 new works in the pre-Young Peoples Concert showcase on stage at David Geffen Hall. The Young Peoples Concert (YPC) at 2:00 PM will explore the many facets of the career of the great Leonard Bernstein and as always the showcase works with the YPC theme. Very Young Composer Edgar Jaen (12 years old) has written a new piece inspired by the first two movements of the Jeremiah Symphony (the second movement Profanation will be performed during the YPC). Suvani Weerakkody (Age - 12) was inspired by the jazzy Masque from Bernstein's Symphony, The Age of Anxiety to compose her new work. In honor of Bernstein's Broadway songwriting collaborations, Daniela Sarantis (15) has composed a new song with lyrics by Nolan Shaffer (13).Co-producers Jon Deak (Founder of VYC) and Bill Gordh will host the event. The young composers were mentored by composer/teaching artist Trevor Bumgarner. The showcase occurs on the main stage and is included with a YPC admission.

Sept. 16: Storytelling Tour of Akin Free Library. The Akin Free Library in Pawling New York was built in the first decade of the 20th Century and is a stone Victorian structure standing on Quaker Hill. It is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and houses a curious and diverse group of collections including old tools used in Dutchess County, a giant python skin, a a water buffalo head, butterfly collection, stuffed birds and spinning wheels. Bill will lead a storytelling tour through the collection, offering folktales from around the world to accompany the viewing of the objects. Come hear stories from Bali, Iceland, Japan, American Indian, Brazil, Finland, African American and more as you examine the many objects on display. The stories will be accompanied by banjo of course. The tours are at Noon and 3:00 and will last about an hour. The event is FREE.

August 1 - 5, 2017: Return to Innova Schools in Lima, Peru. After working with 200 early childhood educators in Lima last August, Bill returns to the Innova Schools to lead professional development in Storytelling with the teachers of English. From August 1 - 4, Bill will offer the teachers an immersion in the use of storytelling to build English comprehension and active use. The Peruvian teachers of English will learn to tell stories, lead story-making activities and energize their young students in the imaginative possibilities as they begin to learn a new language. Each of the 4 eight hour sessions will include folktales, songs, games and phonemic awareness activities that support the upcoming units of study in the Innova Programs. Bill's "Narrative Classroom" approach will be actively explored by the teachers and they will create content that is meaningful to them and their work. Bill first visited Lima and the Innova Schools in August 2014; the schools decided to incorporate storytelling for early childhood in all of their 35 schools. Business Insider named the Innova Schools one of the 13 most innovative schools in the world!

Cody Gordh in Audible News! In a profile published on Audible's Website, Cody describes his relationship with stories and storytelling. Cody is a senior manager at Audible where they are developing some storytelling events for children. Bill Gordh already has almost 10 hours of storytelling available on Audible and now there will be some live shows as well.

July 2017: Central Park and Vail Valley. Bill returns to Central Park this summer to tell stories at the Hans Christian Andersen statue on Saturday morning, July 8 at 11:00 AM. This is the 61st year of Storytelling at the Statue and takes place every Saturday from June until the end of September. Bill will share the program with the world-renowned storyteller and author, Laura Simms. Laura will tell a Romanian Tale entitled "The Wild Rose" and Bill will share one from Ireland "Three Daughters and a Mother's Blessing". Enter the park at 72nd Street and 5th Avenue and walk down to the statue where you can also see people sailing small ships in the fountain. It's FREE and runs from 11:00 AM- Noon. Then out to Colorado for his 11th annual family concert and residency with the Gore Range Montessori School. The concert will be on Thursday July 13th in Edwards on the Riverwalk at 5:00 PM. It's FREE!

June 2017: Kansas City, Austin and Shelter Island. It's an exciting month. Bill will travel to Kansas City as a Featured Speaker for the St. Paul's Episcopal School's early childhood educators' conference entitled "Let's Grow Together" that runs June 16th and 17th. On Friday Bill will lead a full morning interactive workshop on "Storytelling in the Early Childhood Classroom" and on Saturday attendees can watch Bill do his work with a class of pre-schoolers. This is Bill's second appearance at the conference. Bill also returns to the Southwest Association of Episcopal Schools' 2017 SAES Early Learning Conference on June 22 in Austin, Texas. Bill will share the stage with David Madison, Executive Director at SAES and will explore with the attendees approaches for building an effective children's chapel. This is Bill's 3rd appearance at the SAES conference as featured speaker. On June 25 Bill returns to Union Chapel in the Grove on Shelter Island to lead their annual Children's Service. Last year, Bill was inspired by one of the Brigham Windows at the church and built a service around "Hope". This year the service is titled "The Wisdom of the Heart" and will features folktales, songs, Bible readings, Swedish and African proverbs as well as a new song composed by Bill especially for the service. Families are invited. It is free and begins at 10:30 AM.

March 16 - 18: Virgina State Reading Association Annual Conference. Bill will be a featured speaker at the Virginia State Reading Association's Annual Conference March 16 - 18 in Roanoke, VA. He will be presenting storytelling workshops on Friday and Saturday drawn from his book Stories in Action: Interactive Tales and Learning Activities to Promote Early Literacy. It is the 50th anniversary of the conference and is being held at the Hotel Roanoke. While in Roanoke Bill will also lead a children's chapel at St. John's Episcopal Church on Sunday morning, March 19th .

March 11: Very Young Composers Showcase at Lincoln Center. At 1:00 PM on Saturday, March 11 at David Geffen Hall, The VYC (Very Young Composers) Showcase will present new works by Jordan Millar (10), Mondriana Villegas (13) and Mia Micic (14). The showcase which precedes the New York Philharmonic's Young Peoples Concert presents these three young composers' musical answer to the question "What is the sound of the world right now?". The Young Peoples Concert is The Ages of Music: Modern and features the work of John Adams and the showcase moves modernity into the compositional hands of these 3 young composers. The event is produced and hosted by founder Jon Deak and Bill Gordh. The musicians for the showcase include Satoshi Okamoto on bass, Anna Urie on flute, Howard Wall on horn, Justin Hines on percussion and features vocalist Alma Micic. Attendance at the showcase is free for YPC ticketholders.

Feb. 11: Scandinavia House.

Bill will present a family program of storytelling entitled "The Man Who Sold His Beard" and other Scandinavian tales on Saturday Feb 11 at 11:00 AM at Scandinavia House. Tales from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland - clever girls, shepherd boy, trolls and fairies and a pig who wants to change its living conditions, not to mention the man who sold his beard! It will be an exciting morning. Scandinavia House is at 58 Park Avenue (Between 37th and 38th Streets). The Program is FREE.

January 21: Very Young Composers at David Geffen Hall. New works by 3 Very Young Composers will be performed on stage at David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center on Saturday, January 21 at 1:10 PM. Ming-Xing Hawkins (12), Edgar Jaen (11) and Ziyi Tao (14) have worked with folktales from their shared heritages to compose pieces for the showcase entitled Romantic Ramblings Around the World. This mini-concert precedes the New York Philharmonic's Young Peoples Concert The Ages of Music: Romantic. The pieces will be played by outstanding musicians including members of the orchestra. They are Michelle Farah (Oboe), Alexia Y. Gonzales (Cello), Peter Kenote (Viola), Satoshi Okamoto (Bass) and Anna Rabinova (Violin). The young composers worked with mentor/Teaching Artist Polina Nazaykinskaya. As always, the showcase will be hosted by Jon Deak (founder of VYC) and Bill Gordh (co-producer and storyteller). Admission is included with ticket to the Young Peoples Concert.

Dec. 3: Very Young Composers at David Geffen Hall. Constructing Classical: The Rondo is the title of this Very Young Composers' Showcase featuring new pieces by composers Davis Luengthada and Theo Olsen. Each has composed a rondo to illustrate how this form still speaks ever since the Classical era of music represented in the New York Philharmonic's Young Peoples Concert in an all Mozart program. They have also completed colorful graphic scores to illustrate their work. The pieces will be played by Anna Urey (Flute), Ben Fingland (Clarinet), Peter Kenote (Viola), Alexei Yupanqui Gonzales (Cello) and Justin Hines (Percussion). Trevor Bumgarner was the composer mentor for this project and the program will be hosted by co-producer Bill Gordh and VYC founder Jon Deak. The program begins at 1:10 preceding the Young Peoples Concert and admission is included with the YPC ticket.

Nov 7th:,2009 The New York Philharmonic’s KIDZONE at the Young Peoples Concert, Avery Fisher Hall. Jon Deak and Bill Gordh’s “Instrument Village: The Instruments’ Guide to Young People” with new music by 10 and 11 year old composers from the Bridge Composers Programs.

October 31st : The Haunted House – a special 2 hour event designed for 6 and 7 year olds at the Jacob Burns Film Center Media Lab.

October 17th: A Program of Swedish Tales; Scandinavia House, 58 Park Avenue, NYC. 11:00 AM. Free to the Public.

September: 2 Songs on New Bluegrass Recording: 2 songs Bill wrote with Billy Boone Smith "Whippoorwill" and "Regardless" appear on Billy’s new CD "Live from the Moose Lodge". Other songs on the album include ones Billy wrote with the legendary Tom T. Hall, Grammy winner Paul Overstreet and Irene Kelly.

September 18: Curriculum Consulting and Development: Trinity Wall Street Pre-School, NYC has arranged for Bill to work with its faculty for a series of workshops throughout the school year.

September 11: Storytelling Workshop: Bill led a 3 hour Storytelling Workshop for Children’s Librarians at the Midtown –Manhattan Branch for the New York City Public Library.

Aug 3rd – 6th : Workshops for Children of new Curriculum: Seeing Stories Summer Workshops at Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville, NY. Newly created curriculum for very young filmmakers (ages 6 and 7) incorporating stories, storytelling, music, watching and making movies.

July 22 – July 30: Workshops and Performances for Children in Music Composing Instrument Village: The Haunted House (15th Instrument Village adventure) Very Young Composers of Eagle County, CO. Mentoring workshops and public performances for 8 – 13 year olds with composer/educator Jon Deak. Performed by NY Philharmonic musicians. Sponsored by The New York Philharmonic and The Vail Valley Music Foundation.

August 2: 4th Annual “Spin the Globe” Family Performance: presented by Eagle Montessori near Vail Colorado. Venues have included Gerald Ford Amphitheatre, Minturn Amphitheatre and the Lundgren Amphitheatre in Gypsum.

July 14th – 17th. Seeing Stories Summer Workshops at Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville, NY. Newly created curriculum for very young filmmakers (ages 4 and 5) incorporating stories, storytelling, music, watching and making movies.

July 11th – 13th – Workshop Leader at the Episcopal Women’s Triennial, Anaheim, California.

July 6 – 10: Director of Manhattanville College’s 7th annual Summer Arts Institute. 3- credit – Graduate level program.

June 28 – July 2nd Guest Storyteller and Workshop Leader: Hollins University Graduate Program in Children’s Literature.

June 20th : Program of Greek and Cypriot Tales – Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum, Houston, Texas.

June 18th – 19th: Featured Speaker. Early Childhood Retreat, Southwest Association of Episcopal Schools, Houston, Texas.